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Ansshot - Android Simple Screenshot

06 Apr 2017 » en, programming, android, minds

Hi! this is just an another cheat to make your life easier, especially for android developer (just make sure you’ve been installed adb and make it on path).

4 1st, It’s short talk about Android Debug Bridge (ADB), how it could be timesaver to take screenshot or even record your android screen by simple command.


adb shell screencap -p /directory/file.png

Screen Record

adb shell screenrecord /directory/file.mp4


Think like a Programmer, Cool but not enough, ewwh there’s little bit wasted, yeah yah yah still long syntax and take a time for renaming. If you run on unix machine (you should!) you can make it as aliases on ~/.bashrc .


alias ansshot="adb shell screencap -p | perl -pe 's/\x0D\x0A/\x0A/g' > ./ansshot-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`.png"

Well, now you can call it easy by type ansshot or whatever word you put on aliases, it will take screenshot and automatically save in current directory as png file with format name ansshot - date time taken.

Tips: For windows user (*Cygwin). Try to use : adb shell screencap -p | sed 's/\r$//' > file.png or another perl like: adb shell screencap -p | perl -pe 's/\x0D\x0A/\x0A/g' > file.png

A Way

this is for the sake of simplicity

Yeah for you who’s man keep going, lazy doing. Just take minutes for me to give you a simple bash, feel free enjoy it (don’t worry no inject code, hahah!).

Here you go!

curl -s | sh

Bye! See yah…



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