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Hi… yeah you there, welcome on my string! This is me, imma not much difference with an another programmer species :v haha! Nerd, Love computers, love coding and love everything an unit about them. I spend my day in front of a computer screen as I am reading, coding, debugging, or discussing coding practices and methods with other programmers. When I am not on there, I am reading islamic article, youtube, and another muslim source, or maybe had present in the mosque. Actually for all it really cool if you know something as deep and clear. I am deeply impressed when I see smart and beautiful code that does something I know is hard to accomplish. These are moments when I feel that we have only touched the surface of what we can do with computers, and I know that there is a simple solution to the current programming problem I am facing, I just need to get my head around it. With my spare time, I play around with new stuff, trying out new ideas or writing a patch or a bug report to some open source application I use, sometimes play around little hack with rogue style ;} , scanning open port of public ip, read and capture an transmitted packet data, login an public ip camera, and another fun yeah, yep its bad to talk more about that and you should not be emulated ;} zuahahaha. Most of my day has something to do with computers, until, of course, actually all of that maybe will make someone else think i’m strange man, psyco another side or an alien o,O hahaha then so forget it all, i still normal people B) sometime tired and sometime hungry.

Well yeah, fullname’s Hasan Basri, everyday Life as a Software Engineer exactly muslim programmer, i’m passionate on mobile development currently on android programming, i’m really enjoy explore everything what im interested as deep as possible. Yup thats me, for more details you can visit my cv on and dont be shy to get in touch with me.

Thanks for Allah, thanks for my parents, thanks for all crew of jasaprogrammer, pondokprogrammer, qodr, thanks for all my friends, thanks for you, and thanks for all supports wherever you are, hope allah always safe you and always bring the straight path come to you and i hope allah make you a valuable person, man who have so many benefits to the others… amin.


This is creatorb’s personal blog’s and developed with love! Mostly all contents here based on my life story, that’s mean we will talk about software development, muslim lifestyle, and another my lifehack experiences. LOL! imma not an expert, but i want to be. Insyaallah i will focussing to rest in here, of course on the wild i have so many blogs, because like i said before i really love explore anything what i’m interested but so sorry i can’t explains everything here. I know and absolutely understanding Knowledge is Free it’s my way too, but Sometimes you don't need to tell everything you know.


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Mostly visitor/reader will read an indonesian post and page, you can use any translator tool for read my page in yours language.

The source code and techniques, covered in our tutorials, are free for use in your personal and commercial projects. The text and images of our articles, however, are copyrighted and may not be used or copied without written permission (this includes translation of the articles in different languages).

You can use, modify and build upon our code for your (or your clients’) personal and commercial projects with no attribution necessary.

You are not allowed to redistribute our demo files directly (you are encouraged to share a link to the tutorials instead) on sub contents computer but for islamic content it’s mostly free and you can redistribute it.

If you plan to include our source code in site templates or to package it with other forms of digital content, meant for direct selling on online marketplaces (such as ThemeForest, PlayStore with Ads, etc), you are required to include a back-link to the article in question on but if that free then you free.

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I already posted how this blog work behind the scenes. For details documentations included source and license, you can directly check the project on my github repository


Every string here had been typed by my finger, if one day you have been found text error, miss understanding or totally wrong, please hurry up let me know about that, because imma human like you too.

Feel free to mail to if you have any questions about what am i type here.